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Willem Tijssen

Willem Tijssen is an “event-engineer” and marketing consultant from Hilversum in The Netherlands. Over the years, Tijssen has been involved with a truly broad range of marketing projects and activities for a wide variety of commercial clients e.g. Blaupunkt, Bosch, Swatch International, EuroDisney, Nestlé Germany, MTV, Sky Channel, Super Channel (NBC), Nike Europe, Giant Europe, Bonaire HiH, Peter Ustinov (UNESCO), Philips Car Stereo and Rigid Airship Design. After a first trip to West Africa in 1998, he specialized himself in trade and business with West Africa and since 2004 Willem resides in Freetown/Sierra Leone, mainly to service governmental bodies in Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia and Sierra Leone and consult European and US companies entering the mentioned markets. His never ending ambition to understand everything about "the world of his clients and employers" drove him to study: - new technologies - airship technology - and the present history of Africa. To communicate and produce efficient and cost effectively, he taught himself how to design and create html Internet Sites, and how to film and edit professional video productions (dvcam) on his computer.

Impressions of his work can be found at his websites: