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The Stechovice Treasure

Book (English version) - Movie Script (German Language) - Rough Footage for documentary available.

According to statements from key figures in the novel "The Prag Connection" (written by the author Helmut Gaensel), in April 1945 the Nazis buried a war-booty with a value in excess of US-$6 billion in the vicinity of the Moldau Dam at the village Hradistko near Stechovice. The story implicates that a Nazi general buried in special created tunnels: gold, diamonds, jewelry and pieces of art but secret files and scientific documents from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute as well. Based on some intriguing documents found in 1993 in the Weimar area, some experts believe that the Nazis hid the famous Russian "Amber Room" in this tunnel too.

The entire operation was entrusted to the hands of Otto Skorzeny, one of Hitler´s best intelligence officers. He had earlier proved his abilities, by orchestrating a daring rescue of Mussolini in 1944. Skorzeny was to direct this closely-watched cargo, through Bohemia toward its final destination: Austria’s Alpine Triangle and if necessary, to a newly- established safe haven in Juan Peron’s Argentina.

Only one person alive today, possesses the original documents about the contents and has knowledge of the exact location where this treasure is hidden. This person is former German (Sudeten Deutsche) Mr. Helmut Gaensel. He received these documents, additional information and a specific area map from the former SS General in charge, Emil Klein. Mr. Gaensel (61 years) worked for the Czech and other secret services and was involved in matters connected with this treasure. In 1964 he arranged the release of Klein from the KZ Valdice prison in Czechoslovakia. In 1992 Gaensel bought the relevant property and signed an exclusive agreement with the Czech authorities to become the sole rights to unveil the treasure. In the past years experts instructed by Helmut Gaensel, discovered and confirmed the presence of valuables (at least 500 pounds of gold) on several spots as were marked on the SS-map which Gaensel owns.