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Statue of Peace

In association with EEC Events Africa, EMC-TV (AFRICA) has established a preliminary Taskforce to investigate the attainability of this prestigious art project. A draft proposal has been presented to the National Board of Tourism (NBT) of Sierra Leone and some relevant Government bodies. The Taskforce will further contact highly respected individuals- politicians, sportsmen and business people- to take seat in a Board of Recommendation with the request to open doors which otherwise would stay closed, enabling the Taskforce to introduce the project to the media, sponsors, advertisers and donors, nationally and internationally. On national level, companies, press, artists and politicians will be challenged to support the Taskforce with contributions in skills, talent or fund. “Founding Father-ship” and striking branding will be offered to those sponsors who would be proud to be associated with the LION OF AFRICA, while financing the full realization of the project.

The objective of this project is to visualise a sincere commitment for durable Peace - to symbolize the strength of the people of Sierra Leone - and to raise awareness for all the good and beauty Sierra Leone has to offer. The basic thought is to place a 180 ft big Lion Statue- LION OF AFRICA- on top of the Crocodile hills near Lumley Beach in Freetown. Like the Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, its reach and impact will be overwhelming and will attract the attention not only from its own people and guests visiting Sierra Leone but especially from the foreign media. Newspapers, magazines and television-stations reaching billions of people around the globe will freely showcase this monument on such enormous scale one can not buy for money, generating a constant flow of free advertising and Goodwill for the country of Sierra Leone and its peoples.

The LION OF AFRICA will be an inspiring Beacon of Peace at The Gateway to Paradise- on top of the Freetown Peninsula Crocodile Hills with the Leone River at its feet spreading a message into the world that Sierra Leone is back in business! Five years after peace finally returned to this beautiful country, the time has come to focus on the future and surprise the international community with a compelling project inviting the world to re-discover Sierra Leone as a wealthy and peaceful destination for investors and tourists.

Lion of Africa: Statue of Peace


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