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The Legacy
Jelle de Boer and Vincent van Gogh

In 1992 the former owners of the Jelle de Boer collection came to the EMC-TV offices with boxes of material about Mr. de Boer and they asked to take a look at the material to determine if this could be an interesting media project. They left us with 5 boxes of photographs, catalogs and press clippings spanning from 1940-1970. From the minute we heard the story of Mr. de Boer's life, it got under our skin- - and became the focus of our work.

House of Jo de Boer Leusman Jo's House
Jelle de Boer paintings at the wall Decoration
Jo de Boer Leusman in bed Memories
Jelle de Boer paintings at the wall More
Jo between paintings at the wall Last time

Jo de Boer Leusman in living room Jo at home
Jo de Boer & Wim van de Werd Manager Wim
Jo de Boer Leusman Matriarch
Jelle de Boer home Sold
Paintings leave New future

Our first task at EMC-TV was to create an inventory of the documents and write a synopsis of the intriguing and spellbinding life of Mr. de Boer. The inventory resulted in a 25-page media treatment.

Unfortunately, at that time we could not truly begin a media project because the most important pieces of the collection were behind bars in a Swiss Police Museum and nobody except the owners believed they would ever be released again. Therefore the only thing we could do was to interview Mr. de Boer's widow Jo and Mr. de Boer's former manager Mr. Wim van der Werd. The interviews were quite an experience. We had some old film footage from the 60s and recent material from the widow Jo de Boer. But, Jo died in 1997 and we are very fortunate that we decided to get her on film again before her passing.

For many years we were unable to move forward. But, early in 2002 the Jelle de Boer Foundation contacted us and told us that the release of the 21 confiscated drawings and paintings was now only just a matter of time and was expected to take place in a few months.

Bridge in Lucerne Switzerland Lucerne 2002
Hof Gallerie 2002 Hofgalerie
Release of Vincent van Gogh Japanese Fan 2002 Lucerne Switzerland Japanese Fan
Signing hand-over Jelle de Boer Collection in Lucerne Switzerland 2002 Signing
Lake Lucerne Switzerland Lake

2002 was the first time we met Sander Hagesteijn who really impressed us with his manuscript "In the Wake of Vincent van Gogh" - "The Tragic Odyssey of Jelle Taeke de Boer". He upgraded our 25-page treatment into a literary masterpiece. That evoked our enthusiasm again. And, of course, when Sander invited us to join him in July 2002 to film the release of the 21 lost works in Lucerne, we were extremely excited. This was an historic highlight in the roaring history of the collection. It was very thrilling and the rough footage on the screen expresses the exciting atmosphere. It was quite a sensation as a representative of the Swiss Secret Service handed over the remaining paintings that had been confiscated nearly four decades earlier.

From then on the project was alive again and we were very honored to receive the assignment from the owners to develop a new media plan to market and promote the collection and the manuscript. We understood that if the collection contains only 5 masterpieces it will still shock the art world - - and, imagine if there are more, even up to 20 real masterpieces in this collection. It will shake the world because this would mean that the collection could be worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars - - This is the story we are going tell in a documentary film which will capture the public's imagination and enhance our exhibitions in the United States and Japan.

For the documentary film we have engaged Mss Sandra Carter and the threefold Emmy Award winning producer Tony Potter who produced other fabulous documentary films like:
Hitler and Stalin – Roots of Evil
The Cocaine Trail
The Man who shot the Pope
From the Files of Interpol – The World’s Most Wanted, etc.

Soon we will publish a 5 page Treatment for interested parties/broadcasters, interested in a co-production. For further information and details please contact us by E-MAIL or just call us at +31 622450201.