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The Africa Peace Cup ® will be a spectacular worldwide televised event: a soccer match in African surroundings between an African and a European team of international soccer stars, sponsored by international companies who support our initiative and our goals.

Imagine. “Beautiful Africa in July or August 2003. In the midst of a vibrant African savannah. Members of indigenous peoples and representatives from all over the continent and all over the world join African youth who are seated in wheelchairs along the sidelines of a very special soccer field at the start of a entirely unique event. Honored African celebrities take their places at midfield as hosts of the match. On the field 22 star players from Africa and Europe are ready for the kick-off of the first Africa Peace Cup, “Match for Peace”. The whistle of the referee is echoed by the moving beat of an African rhythm. For the duration of this event all eyes will be focused on the competition. In the rural areas of war-torn Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burundi and the Congo as well as the rest of Africa and the world, people will be listening, watching and experiencing the power of peace and the Africa Peace Cup.